3.15.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

Nettles, sick and sad toddler, broccoli raab, leek and potato soup, elderflower mullien lemon balm tea with raw honey. Fresh eggs, a flooded back yard, extra straw, kitchen scraps, squirrels that eat our young plant starts. Appointments canceled, things that can’t be canceled, realizing you forgot to pick up your strawberries last week, feeling sheepish. Cleavers are ready! White wine, thawing ground beef, knitting, making plans for the weekend, Spring is coming, tinctures: garlic ginger and turmeric..How is your Tuesday going?

Beltane/May Day

May 1st is generally a day that I am mindful of what I’m giving back to the Earth Mother, our community, and our family.

In celebration of this day I wildcrafted Lemon Balm and Cleaver then made Glycerite with these lovely plants.

Lemon Balm and Cleavers.

Also, I transplanted some starts.
Some of them have come from our boys’ hard work that started last Summer with them stripping Purple Kale seed pods (seed saving).

I’ll be selling some of the starts for donations that will go to the boys’ Summer fund. Purple Kales along with some Broccoli and Joi Choi (Bak Choi).

Purple Kale starts.

Happy May Day/Beltane and may your final bits of Spring bring you work for those busy hands and helpful heart-work in your family and community.

Peace, love, and heart-work.

Cleavers soaking in filtered water.

Happy Purple Kale close-up.


Saturday’s Done

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him…The people who give you their food give you their heart.” César Chávez

This is one of the first things that I read this morning. This is how our family lives, our hearts and bellies are full of love.

I wont get into everything about this man and what he means to me, that would take ages. What I can say is that his perseverance has inspired me since I was very young. At about 12 y.o. is when I really started to listen to the women and take in the stories of  César Chávez. Of course the main thing he inspired me to do was to eat food that comes from humane and sustainable sources.

For more info on César Chávez check out the United Farm Workers.

!Feliz cumpleaños Sr. Chávez! Today is César Chávez 85th birthday.
Because it is this special special man’s b-day I thought I would attempt to do some special things for my family.

A bag of assorted citrus has turned into these things and more:
*Juice for the second fermentation of Kombucha (Sangria Styled) and juice for Dandelion Wine.

Blood orange, Grapefruit and Mineola juice.

*Candied citrus peels for Easter gifting.

Candied citrus peels.

*Citrus Vinegar for air freshener during the use of the shitterz at the Oregon Country Fair.
*The water was saved from the boil down of the peels for allergy smoothies.
*The citrus sugar water was saved for the Dandelion Wine.

Dandelions and Citrus sugar water.

Que te cuides.

Peace, love, and agrios!

*Everything made here today comes from Organic sources. Hurray!
**Recipes are due to come later.