2.4.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…
I’m almost done with my hubby’s mitts. They are long over due, like most of my knitting <3 They are also a tester for some mitts for some really awesome teens!

I’m thinking about making some book buddies. Anyone local want to do a book trade with Indigo? I want it to be local to cut down on mailing/packaging costs.

I’m also thinking about preschool/pre-K curriculum and all the art I want to make this year.


Lily’s Dolly Poncho & Yarn Along

Well, it’s been a month since I last posted. Our family has been supremely busy with our Summer. Sometimes all the “busy” has really been cuddling up and sharing stories but none-the-less still a busy time for us.

I hope you’ve been enjoying your Summer 2012!

I have a belated Yarn Along to share this week:

Lily’s Dolly Poncho. (Mind the glue on this dolly’s face. My oldest made this doll in preschool)

I made a special ordered poncho for some dear friends and there beautiful Daughter. You can view it here on my Ravelry account. The baby doll poncho idea came about from the bits of yarn that were leftover. I also added a locally handspun llama yarn to the mix.  I couldn’t get an exact match on the striping (as I did a natural striping with Lily’s person sized poncho) but it definitely goes along well with it.

This dolly poncho worked out so well that I may be making more.

It’ll be her first birthday gift from our  family. Enjoy, beautiful Mrdalj family!

My book for Yarn Along is The Natural Pregnancy Book by Aviva Jill Romm. Nothing exciting here folks but I am really enjoying her insight and honesty and also her mysticism that comes along with pregnancy. Her book is really speaking to me, and gently. I really need this in my life right now.

Peace, love, and Babies with Baby Doll Ponchos!

Yarn Along

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This week my Mother received the hat and booties that I made for her friend expecting a baby boy (and I received my first payment via SwansNest on etsy).

One more go:
This week I feel like giving up on the baby legs for awhile. This is not like me. I usually don’t give up on projects. I usually find a way to push through and make things happen but (errr) it’s just not happening. I need some inspiration. So I’m going to go on a hike after our Treetrunk boy (brother older) lets out of school and hope to find some inspiration in nature.

And how could I not in the Pacific Northwest on the cusp of Spring?

This week I checked out some graphic novels from the public library (our second home).

I love Sara Varon! I fell in love with her work many years ago with how easily I can relate to her humor and how she gives objects and other things human like lives is so interesting to me.

Sara Varon's Bake Sale

I read her most current book Bake Sale. I love it! I don’t want to give away too much but it’s about an Aubergine and a Cupcake and their daily to-dos. The story follows their blossoming friendship. There’s some loss and a lot of learning about nurturing a friendship and treatment of others. Simple humanity.

Have a great Yarn Along everyone!

Yarn Along!

Yarn Along via Small Things: sharing your yarn creations and your current reads 🙂

Today I’m contemplating friendship and reviewing which tech-knitting book I would like to purchase for my birthday in May. I’m split between Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Knitting Rules! and Jackie Pawlowski’s Field Guide to Knitting.
I’m leaning towards the Yarn Harlot Stephanie and her simple yet straightforward advice. It also has other little tid-bits about life in the knitters lane to ease the rigidity that book guides can have. What do you think?

I’m still working on Sea Foam Progression Inspired baby legs, they are turning out wonderfully.

This week I’ve finished the hat and booties that my Mother ordered from me for a friend who’s having  a baby boy.

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Peace, love and baby booties!