2.14.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

It’s too easy to wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day. So here’s a little education for you: look up Smith vs Oregon.

I grew up around these peoples, our peoples.

I can’t help but tear up as my heart swells and breaks and comes back together again watching this video.

Under Represented Minority

I am your daughter but you might never know me.
I work through my days just as you do.
I fight for justice and love.
I’m righteously bold while delicate as a flower…A Native Woman.

I am the face of Under Represented Minority.
I’m here now, living my life with my husband and children.
Our prayers are in our daily living.
Every day that I’m in the garden or in our community is a good day.
Every day enjoying the gifts that the Creator and Mother Earth provide us.

My work is in the dirt and in the seeds we sow.
We visit the river and marvel at the birds of prey that fly over head.
We watch them dive talons first into the water.
I wish for one moment to feel that but perhaps I already have.

You wear your ‘Registered Native American Tribal Card’ like a badge.
I wear my berry stains, muddy finger nails, and tired heart, arms and legs as my badge.

My blood, my compassion, and my family’s word is enough for me.

And so as yours is to you, I am the face that my children look up to.
At the end of the day that is all that matters to me.

You are the face of Urban Pride.
I am the face of Under Represented Minority.

**Dedicated to my brothers and sisters who may never hold their Tribal Card:
The governments way of tacking it’s Native America and a tribes way of tracking it’s sons and daughters.