4.15.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

@Sam Bonds Garage Pub Savage Seeds t-shirt

@Sam Bonds Garage Pub
Savage Seeds t-shirt

Hubby says, “I’m going to party like it’s 8:39”. That’s in pm. We are feeling this Friday.

It was a good day. I got to see one of my bestest friends. I love her dearly like a sister. We’ve been through storms together and now we both have baby/toddlers at the same time. It’s been wonderful to have her back in our hometown.

Indigo had a mild day though he screamed down the Kiva, a local natural grocer. Which in our home town is a right of passage for most kids here.

We went to both of our co-op grocers too. Both hold love and care and magic for us. Thank you Lilly for the connection, always.

We visited a local artist and friend Sarah Ciampa and purchased a piece. I’m so excited to receive and gift this art to someone special in my life.

We visited another local artist and friend but it was only a drop off. We need Indigo’s amber necklace repaired and who better to do that than Maya Rabasa of Casa Rabasa?!

We had a beer and some food at Sam Bonds and ran into some sweet community members.

I’m so glad Indigo has you all to lean on and be with through it all. Growing up is hard to do!

It’s all better with friends <3

4.5-6.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

It’s been some long long days with Indigo. I think he’s going through a growth spurt and cognitively he’s making some leaps.

He loves talking about colours and “3-2-1 blast off!”

He had his big yearly evaluation with Child Development and he’s moving right along. He’s right where he should be for being Indigo <3

Thank you for loving us just the way we are, some with an extra Chromey!

3.26-27.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

Its the end to a wonderful weekend. We had so much fun with our Treetrunk boy and getting to know his gf, such sweet kids.

Today we made Easter baskets, played bananagrams and ate French toast that papa/hubby made.

Indigo drew pictures, read books and played in his imaginary lands.

In no particular order here’s some pics from the weekend:









“We have to consciously study how to be tender with each other until it becomes habit.” -Audre Lorde

Keep taking care of each other!

3.15.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

Nettles, sick and sad toddler, broccoli raab, leek and potato soup, elderflower mullien lemon balm tea with raw honey. Fresh eggs, a flooded back yard, extra straw, kitchen scraps, squirrels that eat our young plant starts. Appointments canceled, things that can’t be canceled, realizing you forgot to pick up your strawberries last week, feeling sheepish. Cleavers are ready! White wine, thawing ground beef, knitting, making plans for the weekend, Spring is coming, tinctures: garlic ginger and turmeric..How is your Tuesday going?

3.9.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

It was another hard day. Too many things to do and among other things, subjecting my kid to another appointment with an X-ray. He’s had so many X-rays in his short little life. It’s so hard on my mama heart…tomorrow has got to get better.

Thank goodness for my hubby, for my Sis and for friends who get us through it all <3

No Shopping Week

Below is a post that I never got around to finishing due to issues with our web site last week.
I’m happy to say that we made it through our week of no grocery shopping and that we could have made it another week with no problems. I’m so glad that we made the choice we did, to do something out of the ordinary, taking a risk and finding our balance again.
This is likely to not work for my family as we usually shop for our food weekly but we will see how it goes.
We indulged last night as one of our favourite (highly over priced) restaurants is going out of business this weekend. It was a sad night for sure as we enjoyed our last meal with them. Our server teared up, the people around us were acting like jerks, but we maintained calm and respect for the place our Treetrunk boy had come to love and expect as a once or twice a year treat (typically at graduation time and another random celebratory day/night).
1017031957_LastNightatRingofFireWe had our crispy calamari with plum sauce, we all got fancy drinks, we ate pad thai and drunken noodles. The spicy yummy goodness was enjoyed by all.
Tonight we play it down with a 4 bean, wild rice, turkey chili.
Tomorrow we will make pizza pizza pizza.
Sunday will be cornbread and chicken hotdogs.
Then I’ll have to really start scrapping the pantry and freezer for the rest of the week. I’m sure there will be at least two of my infamous “breakfast for dinner” nights.
Yesterday Treetrunk and I found that a potato had seeded in the yard debris bin so we will utilize those to make Latkes.
Hmmm, there are so many options when you really start looking.
I have plenty of seeds and nuts I can sprout. I’ll start with buckwheat groats and sunflower seeds.
It’ll be a great week for experimenting!
The silver lining here is that we are blessed with food in our home and community. If I really need to I can go to the local grocery store and buy discounted produce. If I need some extra protein I can cook up the chicken liver and hearts I have stashed in the freezer. We will be ok. Sadly I cannot say that about all families this week. We will be thinking of them as we enjoy our bounty.
We never made our pizza, corn bread or Latkes. We were out of eggs and I really wanted to stick to my “No Shopping Week” commitment.
The word “Perspective” was used a lot last week. Because we didn’t buy any groceries we were able to donate a little gas money to a friend so she could get her son to important appointments and we were able to donate a little towards a friends La Leche League volunteering dues.
Not only did we eat wholesomely and without struggle we also managed two dinners for another family who welcomed a new baby into the family where the mother is slowly recovering from a C-section. There had been some complications with the surgery site and they needed just this little extra help.
I’m so grateful for this wonderful place we live in where people take care of each other and the where the earth is abundant in rich soil and healthy foods.
We are truly blessed!
Nico and Family