Gratitude*Sunday is a wonderful way to be intentional with the blessings life brings you and the ones that you are creating. Thank you Wooly Moss Roots for sharing this tradition with us.

I’m grateful for so many things, here are a few of them:
*Our oldest (Treetrunk) returning from a month long vacation with his bio-dad and step family. I missed him deeply. Now we are trying to get back to some sort of normal before the school year starts up again.

*Good friends returning “home” after being away for almost three years, hurray! I foresee dinners and long conversations shared in the near future.

*Our amazing, thoughtful, generous community. We do so well raising up these incredible little people together.

*Our tiniest (Indigo) is sitting up, mostly on his own, rolling over and EC is going really well. He is so incredible and intelligent. He is reminding us of all that magic and wonder of childhood.


*I’m regularly meditating and sending positive energy to our middle boy (Oboster) so far away and entering the 7th grade this year. This will be the year of great changes for him.

*I’m grateful for the opportunity to consider full time homeschooling. Yes, we are here once again. As the months draw closer to high school we must think seriously about this. Thanks to Hubby we can actually make it happen if it turns out to be the right thing.

*I’m grateful for simple things like knitting needles and yarn and the skills to create something sweet and special.

We love you family and friends.

Local Coastal Trip

“The sea that calls all things unto her calls me, and I must embark” – Kahlil Gibran

We saw our midwife on Friday. She let us know that in 3 weeks time we will be given the “no travel” status. This means no traveling farther than a 30ish minute drive or something like that. Hubby and I didn’t think we’d be doing any adventures any time before the babe comes anyways but it still made us think about what was really important to take care of before the big birthing day.

So the morning of our adventures Hubby looked at me with his sparkling eyes, the way he does, and announces that we will be traveling to the Oregon Coast after picking up Treetrunk boy from his sleepover.

We also decided that our homeschooling project could fit lovingly into this plan. At the new year Hubby decided that we would do one family homeschooling science project per month that would involve data collecting on a special field trip. (Seriously loving this guy and his ability to embrace education in a different light/realm). Yay for collaborating and wrapping up family time and learning!

We found ourselves in Yachats, Oregon where Ten Mile Creek meets the Pacific Ocean. Here are some photos from that day: