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This week my Mother received the hat and booties that I made for her friend expecting a baby boy (and I received my first payment via SwansNest on etsy).

One more go:
This week I feel like giving up on the baby legs for awhile. This is not like me. I usually don’t give up on projects. I usually find a way to push through and make things happen but (errr) it’s just not happening. I need some inspiration. So I’m going to go on a hike after our Treetrunk boy (brother older) lets out of school and hope to find some inspiration in nature.

And how could I not in the Pacific Northwest on the cusp of Spring?

This week I checked out some graphic novels from the public library (our second home).

I love Sara Varon! I fell in love with her work many years ago with how easily I can relate to her humor and how she gives objects and other things human like lives is so interesting to me.

Sara Varon's Bake Sale

I read her most current book Bake Sale. I love it! I don’t want to give away too much but it’s about an Aubergine and a Cupcake and their daily to-dos. The story follows their blossoming friendship. There’s some loss and a lot of learning about nurturing a friendship and treatment of others. Simple humanity.

Have a great Yarn Along everyone!

Yarn Along

A space to share your current yarn crafts and what you’ve been reading.

I’m currently reading Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, The Heart of Parenting and The Seven Principle For Making Marriage Work, both are by John Gottman, Ph.D.

Work In Progress: a pair of baby leg warmers named Sea Foam Progression Inspired.
I’ve been inspired by the Northwest coastal range my entire life and fell in love with sea foam as a toddler. The leg warmers are an artists interpretation of the progression of colours from the sea to the land with the magical delight that sea foam has taken in my life.

Free Ravelry pattern here đŸ™‚