New Adventures and Yarn Along

Our family is expecting! Yip, a cute little human is growing growing growing inside of me now. How precious and exciting.

We’re due February 27th but who’s counting right now while we are still in the first trimester. Eeek! We haven’t even interviewed midwives yet.

I’ll do my Yarn Along early because we will be so darn busy this week, getting ready for the Oregon Country Fair and Brother Older’s (Treetrunk’s) 12th Birthday this Saturday (at OCF this year, Yay!).

Bub’s Booties Revisited!

You can follow the progress of the booties here:

They might be a Ripp because I’m not really liking them right now. Maybe I’ll like them better when I finish the pair?

Follow Ginny at Small Things with her Yarn Along here:

Peace, love, and babies baby booties.

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