“Normal” ?

What a day, what a week…what a month!

I was contemplating “normal” today and what that must be like.

Normal people probably don’t hang their clothes in the main area of their homes. Normal people probably don’t spontaneously bake Pear Raspberry crisp after 8pm with their hubby. Normal people probably don’t eat and drink wild things. Normal people probably aren’t “wild things”.

Ok, normal Americans probably don’t do these things. I’m painfully aware of my left side of normal American oddities.

Then my husband walks into the room today, I’m perusing blogs, and he says to me, “Do you know that I need your strength.”
I look into those dark chocolate brown eyes of his, “No. I didn’t know that or at least I thought I needed yours more.”

We hug!

I let go of the thought of being “normal” once more. I don’t really need it.

June 20th 2012, Summer Solstice at Mt. Pisgah main trail. Seriously getting vertical y’all!

Peace, love and the left side of normal American oddities.

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