Patching Together This Birth Story

Last year I made a goal to write our birth story for this little Mr. Indigo Bean. I just couldn’t do it. For now I want to piece some of these memories together before they fade into the toddler years and beyond.

Patching Together This Birth Story; Patch 1:

When we were told you have all the pre-indicators for T21 (Down Syndrome)

My heart, as it ascended to the lump in my throat making it absence of speech, left an empty feeling in my stomach. As my heart swelled with joy to have another baby boy in my arms, speech became even harder to grasp/to form. As the throat lump grew and the empty feeling in my stomach became more vast, it collapsed on itself, folding over all those feelings that intense experiences bring. Releasing the feelings fear and layering the feelings of big big love. I then cried and my first words to my son were “I love you”.