Before the cake, before the pressies, and sometimes before the coffee I dig deep and think of you for a moment.
Every year on my kids’ birthdays I listen to Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were here” (the song).
Why?Because for just a brief moment in my life, although I don’t solely think of these things for just these specific moments in time, I want to think of the families who cannot physically be with their children.
Goodness we’ve had our struggles over the years and Indigo’s first birthday will be met with all the love and attention he deserves (and more).
But this year in particular I thought it necessary to share this little window into my heart, my compassion, my parenting choices, a bit of my humanity.
So I listen and I kiss my newly one year old and I think of your babies and I send my love to them and you.
Blessings blessings blessings!