*Gratitude Sunday*

I’m joining Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude*Sunday.

Wow, this is LONG overdue. Spring is here and brings with it plenty including plenty to be grateful for. More than the average bear.
Life has been, well, challenging to say the least.

Mama Swan and Mr. Indigo.

Mama Swan and Mr. Indigo.

*Our tiny son (Mr. Indigo) was born at 37 weeks (1/31/13), with Down’s Syndrome, and various complications that lead us to a specialized children’s hospital over 100miles from home. Among other things, he had pneumonia, major intestinal surgery due to duodenal stenosis, collapsed right lung, delayed response after surgery that lead to a CT scan, blood draws and x-rays galore…so much. It brings tears to my eyes retelling just a small portion of this experience. OUR BOY LIVED! He’s happy and healthy at home now.
*The community outpouring of love and support (from kind words to financial assistance) has been phenomenal, over the top, beautiful. We are blessed by our community and extended communities.

*Our family and friends (who are family by way of love)…we couldn’t have done this without you. No amount of years and tears and gestures of grandeur can express how much you mean to us. You know who you are!

These past few months have really taught me to slow down, take notice, and give it your best. Life is short. Be thankful for what you have and do what you can to make life a little sweeter for yourself and those you share this life with.

Gratitude Sunday