Yarn Along

Another Yarn Along with Small Things and more booties.

Babies, babies, babies! Everywhere there’s babies so I’m making booties like a mad woman.

I hope my peeps who are breeding beautiful little people don’t mind something snugly for babe’s feet.

One pair for a friend and another I’m hoping to trade for something special.

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Yarn Along

After the arduous journey of moving (luckily in the same town) and the seemingly never ending chore of unpacking (still in progress). I’ve settled into kind of recognizable routine. Well, at least I’m back to knitting.

Raspberry Brown bebe booties and “I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla” by Marguerite A. Wright for this weeks Yarn Along!

Join Ginny over at Small Things and follow what she and others are knitting and reading for the day/week.

“I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla” by Marguerite A. Wright.

I just started the first chapter of this book. It opens by looking at the preschooler: untainted by adult realities, free thinking, curious. The writer leads us through a series of questions that support her theory that the preschooler doesn’t really have a clue about race and the complexities that come along with racial identity.
Well, yes! I agree but I’ve also seen children of this age burdened by their parents hate for other races. I know that this is not an understanding of race or even racial differences in the most complex sense but rather these are families teaching hate. I can say, not in our home!
I’m excited to dive in more with this book. I’m curious about my own stereotypes and my willingness to allow my children to explore this “reality” naturally.

Ok, Raspberry Brown bebe booties! What can I say? I started making them with my most coveted yarns for a very special little person growing inside of me (23 weeks along).

Made with hand spun Alpaca and recycled silk sari yarns.

The name Raspberry Brown came about after I had finished the booties and wishing that I could drink one of my favourite microbrews, Raspberry Brown from Lost Coast Brewery. Just a sip please and maybe a gulp.

Cozy knits for little feets.

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