“Normal” ?

What a day, what a week…what a month!

I was contemplating “normal” today and what that must be like.

Normal people probably don’t hang their clothes in the main area of their homes. Normal people probably don’t spontaneously bake Pear Raspberry crisp after 8pm with their hubby. Normal people probably don’t eat and drink wild things. Normal people probably aren’t “wild things”.

Ok, normal Americans probably don’t do these things. I’m painfully aware of my left side of normal American oddities.

Then my husband walks into the room today, I’m perusing blogs, and he says to me, “Do you know that I need your strength.”
I look into those dark chocolate brown eyes of his, “No. I didn’t know that or at least I thought I needed yours more.”

We hug!

I let go of the thought of being “normal” once more. I don’t really need it.

June 20th 2012, Summer Solstice at Mt. Pisgah main trail. Seriously getting vertical y’all!

Peace, love and the left side of normal American oddities.

Something Silly.

I wanted to write about something silly.

You know that thing that happens when you get a song stuck in your head. It’s like an evil worm. You find yourself humming it or even singing. Maybe you’re in the freezer section of the grocery store or while waiting for the bus. Then you look around to see who was watching you do this. All you can do at that point is shrug your shoulders, smile and laugh and maybe say something like,
“It’s just been one of those days.”

Although, that feels belittling of the moment too. We are a magical and musical family, of sorts. We actually enjoy these moments, especially when they happen as a family.

Hubby plays hand drums but most of them have moved on to other homes. He also has a deep love for music, it keeps him ticking through the day. I often call him my cheerleader! Especially after I found out that he listens to music that could very well be the driving force for a professional Drill Team.

Brother Older loves playing guitar and marimba in school. He’s always had musical instruments in his life to play with. The Kalimba is one of his favourites!

I used to play violin but I’m sadden to say I no longer do nor feel I could pick it up again anytime soon.

Brother Younger is on his own plain when it comes to music. He’s incredible! He’s one of those people whom I think ARE a musical instrument. He dances, sings beautifully (almost in tune too), and he’s usually interested in trying out something new.

During his last visit he asked me to play this song several times for him. Beware! It’s Super Duper Pop Cheerleader-rific Beats!


This song now gets stuck in my head from time to time. Another song worm in my brain. Eating away at my reality and altering my faculties to make me sing it in the freezer section. Hahaha!

Now, I mentioned the “cheerleader” factor in his Dad. I’m thinking the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Hubby would rather be on stilts or juggling while listening to this kind of music but hey? It’s a good theory, right? Cheerleader genes?

I love my Cheerleaders! They usually wear smiles and they’ve opened up my musical experience even more (even if it’s more like a song worm eating my brain — life is certainly more interesting and fun with them).

Peace, love and Pop music beats!

P.S. I’m not dissing cheerleaders! My sister and I went to cheer camp in Middle School, some of my dearest friends were cheerleaders and my older step-sister was a cheerleader (possibly cheer captain — I can’t remember fully). Just so you know!

Things and Cake.

In photos, what we’ve been up to lately.

Roses are for loved ones.

The test cake for Brother Older's 12th Birthday...Sooo Yummy! Coconut flour, banana lemon, goodness. (Dairy free, Gluten free, and Cane Sugar free).


Chive Blossoms in white vinegar. This one reminded me of one of our dearest dear friends Cassandra.
Apricots, Elderflowers, and raw honey. This one brought back memories of eating toast with Miss Bethany C.

Today I reminded myself of that age old rule :
If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

Hmmm, peace, love, and talking nice nice.

P.S. I think it’s wonderfully necessary and completely fine to be upset and talk about it (if not scream it from the mountain tops):
“Today I’m REALLY mad!”
…just so you know.