Under Represented Minority

I am your daughter but you might never know me.
I work through my days just as you do.
I fight for justice and love.
I’m righteously bold while delicate as a flower…A Native Woman.

I am the face of Under Represented Minority.
I’m here now, living my life with my husband and children.
Our prayers are in our daily living.
Every day that I’m in the garden or in our community is a good day.
Every day enjoying the gifts that the Creator and Mother Earth provide us.

My work is in the dirt and in the seeds we sow.
We visit the river and marvel at the birds of prey that fly over head.
We watch them dive talons first into the water.
I wish for one moment to feel that but perhaps I already have.

You wear your ‘Registered Native American Tribal Card’ like a badge.
I wear my berry stains, muddy finger nails, and tired heart, arms and legs as my badge.

My blood, my compassion, and my family’s word is enough for me.

And so as yours is to you, I am the face that my children look up to.
At the end of the day that is all that matters to me.

You are the face of Urban Pride.
I am the face of Under Represented Minority.

**Dedicated to my brothers and sisters who may never hold their Tribal Card:
The governments way of tacking it’s Native America and a tribes way of tracking it’s sons and daughters.

All I Need Today

Today I need so much, or I think I do?!

Emotional work is hard work and can end up leaving you feeling empty inside.

Today my oldest left me a message before he left to meet the bus. He doesn’t know all that I face today, he doesn’t need to know.

Him and I have a connection beyond what bounds us to this earth, beyond the heavens, beyond anything physical…we are connected by our souls.

He often knows I need something w/o me asking.

Today he left me this message:

"I love you Mum." by Treetrunk boy.

That’s all I need today, a little message about the big love between me and him.

Year One!

Whoa! What a year it has been?!

Hubby and I turn one year married April 12, 2012.

Among all that fills our days together, the precious things he gives me:
A Dad for my children,

But at the end of the day the thing that has been most important to me these days and the thing I’ve been asking myself these past 6ish years together:
Did I laugh today?
And w/o fail, w/o skipping a day, with him it’s been yes; EVERY SINGLE DAY we have shared laughter together.

I hope for (and will work for) another year of laughter with you and many many years ahead.

Peace, Love and Laughter!


“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” – E. E. Cummings

Tempeh. No Longer Forbidden.

I’ve got a craving! It’s Tempeh Pizza and it’s gotta be tonight!
I thought Tempeh would forever be a thing of my past. No one in my family can digest those soy proteins. Bad soy! Bad!
Yet, she becomes my mistress…
Oh Tempeh, how I’ve missed you so! Maybe I’ll just have a bite…or an entire sandwich then lie on the couch in agony.
But then….
Ok, duh! Why did I not think of this earlier? Like years ago?
Raw apple cider vinegar has those lovely lovely living enzymes. So now, once a month or so, we get Surata Tempeh:
soak it in vinegar, add some red wine, tamari and then it’s sauteed with Mama’s mix (a nutritional yeast based sauce).

In pictures, here’s what our oldest and I did for dinner:

2 egg whites.


Our family's pizza dough mix.


Do the Tempeh swirl!


Small sweet peppers.


Veggie Heaven Pizza or Foragers Delight Pizza.


Parsley to complete the experience.


Master Treetrunk on Safari...the man with the plan.

All pictures taken by Treetrunk (my Fox boy – the oldest).
Dinner inspired by my mostly gluten free family. Outside, the dandelions begging to be eaten and shiitakes, sweet bells, Tempeh and pesto in the fridge are calling my name.

Peace, <3, and Tempeh Pizza!

Post Pizza Script:
The Dough!
This can easily be adjusted to be Vegan so make your adjustments accordingly.
::Makes one thick 12″ crust or one thin 16″crust::
In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together:
1 C Barley or Quinoa flour
1/2 C Tapioca flour
3 T of Nutritional Yeast (or Powdered Milk, if you dig it)
2 1/2 t of Bread Yeast
1/2 t of Salt
1 T of a Granulated Sweetener
**Preheat oven to 400F**
In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together:
2 medium Egg Whites
Once you get the foam going add:
1 1/2 T Oil (we like Olive Oil the best for this but try other things if you like)
1/2 t White Vinegar
3/4 C Tepid Water
Mix together dry and wet ingredients with a wooden spoon or hard spatula. Pour out dough onto a greased pan. Let the dough sit on the pan for 10 min. to rise a bit.
Pop in oven for 5-10 min. until slightly browning (you don’t want it too cook too long because you need to add the toppings and cook it again).

We use pre-cooked toppings (for the most part) so that the crust doesn’t burn while we are waiting for the toppings to cook on the pizza. If you want to add fresh ingredients make sure to slice and chop thinly.

Turn oven down to 375F. Pull dough out of oven and add your toppings. Pop back in the oven for another 10-20 min. Check the pizza every 10 min.

Let cool and serve to bouncing kids and delighted partners.


Saturday’s Done

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him…The people who give you their food give you their heart.” César Chávez

This is one of the first things that I read this morning. This is how our family lives, our hearts and bellies are full of love.

I wont get into everything about this man and what he means to me, that would take ages. What I can say is that his perseverance has inspired me since I was very young. At about 12 y.o. is when I really started to listen to the women and take in the stories of  César Chávez. Of course the main thing he inspired me to do was to eat food that comes from humane and sustainable sources.

For more info on César Chávez check out the United Farm Workers.

!Feliz cumpleaños Sr. Chávez! Today is César Chávez 85th birthday.
Because it is this special special man’s b-day I thought I would attempt to do some special things for my family.

A bag of assorted citrus has turned into these things and more:
*Juice for the second fermentation of Kombucha (Sangria Styled) and juice for Dandelion Wine.

Blood orange, Grapefruit and Mineola juice.

*Candied citrus peels for Easter gifting.

Candied citrus peels.

*Citrus Vinegar for air freshener during the use of the shitterz at the Oregon Country Fair.
*The water was saved from the boil down of the peels for allergy smoothies.
*The citrus sugar water was saved for the Dandelion Wine.

Dandelions and Citrus sugar water.

Que te cuides.

Peace, love, and agrios!

*Everything made here today comes from Organic sources. Hurray!
**Recipes are due to come later.