4.12.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

Indigo had his equipment clinic today where we purchased a walker for him. The one we have is on loan through our PT with the Early Intervention program here, EC Cares.

Before the equipment appointment was Indigo’s weekly OT appointment where we work on feeding in the home. Chewing and sucking are the things he struggles with. He’s getting better at it! He can now eat some crunchy foods like gold fish crackers and Cheerios.

So many changes going on around here. I can’t wait for summer when we can catch our breath.

No Shopping Week

Below is a post that I never got around to finishing due to issues with our web site last week.
I’m happy to say that we made it through our week of no grocery shopping and that we could have made it another week with no problems. I’m so glad that we made the choice we did, to do something out of the ordinary, taking a risk and finding our balance again.
This is likely to not work for my family as we usually shop for our food weekly but we will see how it goes.
We indulged last night as one of our favourite (highly over priced) restaurants is going out of business this weekend. It was a sad night for sure as we enjoyed our last meal with them. Our server teared up, the people around us were acting like jerks, but we maintained calm and respect for the place our Treetrunk boy had come to love and expect as a once or twice a year treat (typically at graduation time and another random celebratory day/night).
1017031957_LastNightatRingofFireWe had our crispy calamari with plum sauce, we all got fancy drinks, we ate pad thai and drunken noodles. The spicy yummy goodness was enjoyed by all.
Tonight we play it down with a 4 bean, wild rice, turkey chili.
Tomorrow we will make pizza pizza pizza.
Sunday will be cornbread and chicken hotdogs.
Then I’ll have to really start scrapping the pantry and freezer for the rest of the week. I’m sure there will be at least two of my infamous “breakfast for dinner” nights.
Yesterday Treetrunk and I found that a potato had seeded in the yard debris bin so we will utilize those to make Latkes.
Hmmm, there are so many options when you really start looking.
I have plenty of seeds and nuts I can sprout. I’ll start with buckwheat groats and sunflower seeds.
It’ll be a great week for experimenting!
The silver lining here is that we are blessed with food in our home and community. If I really need to I can go to the local grocery store and buy discounted produce. If I need some extra protein I can cook up the chicken liver and hearts I have stashed in the freezer. We will be ok. Sadly I cannot say that about all families this week. We will be thinking of them as we enjoy our bounty.
We never made our pizza, corn bread or Latkes. We were out of eggs and I really wanted to stick to my “No Shopping Week” commitment.
The word “Perspective” was used a lot last week. Because we didn’t buy any groceries we were able to donate a little gas money to a friend so she could get her son to important appointments and we were able to donate a little towards a friends La Leche League volunteering dues.
Not only did we eat wholesomely and without struggle we also managed two dinners for another family who welcomed a new baby into the family where the mother is slowly recovering from a C-section. There had been some complications with the surgery site and they needed just this little extra help.
I’m so grateful for this wonderful place we live in where people take care of each other and the where the earth is abundant in rich soil and healthy foods.
We are truly blessed!
Nico and Family

Local Coastal Trip

“The sea that calls all things unto her calls me, and I must embark” – Kahlil Gibran

We saw our midwife on Friday. She let us know that in 3 weeks time we will be given the “no travel” status. This means no traveling farther than a 30ish minute drive or something like that. Hubby and I didn’t think we’d be doing any adventures any time before the babe comes anyways but it still made us think about what was really important to take care of before the big birthing day.

So the morning of our adventures Hubby looked at me with his sparkling eyes, the way he does, and announces that we will be traveling to the Oregon Coast after picking up Treetrunk boy from his sleepover.

We also decided that our homeschooling project could fit lovingly into this plan. At the new year Hubby decided that we would do one family homeschooling science project per month that would involve data collecting on a special field trip. (Seriously loving this guy and his ability to embrace education in a different light/realm). Yay for collaborating and wrapping up family time and learning!

We found ourselves in Yachats, Oregon where Ten Mile Creek meets the Pacific Ocean. Here are some photos from that day:

New Adventures and Yarn Along

Our family is expecting! Yip, a cute little human is growing growing growing inside of me now. How precious and exciting.

We’re due February 27th but who’s counting right now while we are still in the first trimester. Eeek! We haven’t even interviewed midwives yet.

I’ll do my Yarn Along early because we will be so darn busy this week, getting ready for the Oregon Country Fair and Brother Older’s (Treetrunk’s) 12th Birthday this Saturday (at OCF this year, Yay!).

Bub’s Booties Revisited!

You can follow the progress of the booties here:

They might be a Ripp because I’m not really liking them right now. Maybe I’ll like them better when I finish the pair?

Follow Ginny at Small Things with her Yarn Along here:

Peace, love, and babies baby booties.