For the Mothers -Cowl Patter

For the Mothers
1-2skeins of DK yarn, depending on the size you want.
CO 204 sts; multiples of 6.
German Twisted Long Tail CO
US size 6 circular needle, 29inches.
US size 8 needle for BO

Pattern goes as such:
Garter, Bias Rib, Garter, Lace, ending with Garter.

CO 204 sts in German Twisted CO.

10-14 rounds of garter:
Rnd 1: Kall sts.
Rnd 2: Pall sts.
Continue repeating Rnds 1and2.

10 rounds of Bias Rib:
Rnd 1: K2tog, k3, k1f&b; rep to end of round.
Rnd 2:
K5, P1; rep to end of round.

10 rounds of garter.

Lace section:
Rnd 1: K all.
Rnd 2: K1, yo, (Slp1, K2tog, Psso), yo, K2; rep to end of round.
Rnd 3: and all odd rounds K all sts.
Rnd 4:
yo, K1, (Slp1, K2tog, Psso), K1, yo, K1; rep to end of round.
Repeat these rounds ending with Kall; 10 rounds.

8-10rounds of garter.

You can end here or keep repeating the garter, bias rib, garter, lace pattern for a wider cowl.

BO with larger needle (US size 8) in K1, P1 rib to make it a little extra stretchy.


Thank you to Sunrise Fiber Co. for beautiful inspiring colourways and KCal’s.
I wasn’t finding a pattern that this yarn wanted to be on so I made one. I made this for an important mother in our community and it was finished around Mother’s Day so I named it accordingly <3 I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

4.16.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

Hard day, a good day.

Swimming, screaming and crying in the locker room, bought a book we’ve needed for YEARS, hiked some hills, hugged a friend, went home to unwind and knit.

Keep taking care of each other!

4.8.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

More on trauma and an intro on how art can bring you new horizons…

Knitting has not only helped me relaxe while I make things but I get to use my artistic skills with mixing and matching colours and strengthen my math and pattern skills.

Something else happened though that was unexpected, I found, an international community of yarn enthusiasts. Mostly knitters and crocheters but I’ve seen some woven works while perusing the pattern data base late at night.

This international community has taken me  way past my skill points, expanded my knowledge base in both math and patterns and it’s introduced me to incredible artists and incredible people. Most of the time I meet people who love creating beautiful and interesting pieces of art but every once in a while I find other people who are struggling with their mental health. They lost someone they love deeply, they are recovering from surgery, they are in counseling for an abusive relationship of some kind…many of these things are found through the profiles with links to blogs and Facebook pages.

This community, although reaching across the world, is quite small. So bumping into reality happens often. When we share in this way we can start the healing and our art blooms and seeds that can spread and can help someone sow their own art and healing.

I hope you take some time to check out the beautiful pieces being made and the expressions that are shared. Maybe you’ll find some friends along the way and begin the healing?

Again and again and again…keep taking care of each other!!

3.26-27.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

Its the end to a wonderful weekend. We had so much fun with our Treetrunk boy and getting to know his gf, such sweet kids.

Today we made Easter baskets, played bananagrams and ate French toast that papa/hubby made.

Indigo drew pictures, read books and played in his imaginary lands.

In no particular order here’s some pics from the weekend:









“We have to consciously study how to be tender with each other until it becomes habit.” -Audre Lorde

Keep taking care of each other!

2.27.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand…

We are still in our sickies cave 🙁 but I made some progress: tinctures, infusions, Celtic knot knitting and the thawing of a chicken. Not pictured is some reishi broth on the stove and some fiery witches brew steeping on the kitchen counter (fire cider and habanero honey tea).



2.17.16 From where I stand…

From where I stand….

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

I haven’t embroidered anything  in years. It’s been even longer since I did cross stitch. I’m excited to get this one going. I haven’t decided which skill to use.

I’ve been drawn to this proverb for many years now. I feel it represents many different a phases of my life and it reminds me that new things are coming and that whatever happens I am strong.

Grow, be brave, you are strong!

Things We Do

As per our family usual, we are doing things at our own pace. With many different needs of our three very different kiddos this way of living suites us best and allows for optimal parenting choices. Needless to say, I was not on time for Yarn Along with Small Things once again but no matter (use link to find out more about this weekly online event). I figure better late than never. This lifestyle choice has released me from a lot of my stress. Stress that goes back to my childhood. There is less family arguments and more enjoyment in our outings, as it should be.
Love to you and yours,
P.S. Enjoy the pictures below. Summer is almost gone, bring on the Autumnal joy.

"Raising Nuestros Ninos: Bringing up Latino children in a bicultural world." by Gloria B. Rodriquez, Ph.D. Whit's Knits: Baby Bonnet -The Purl Bee for baby Indigo.

“Raising Nuestros Ninos: Bringing up Latino children in a bicultural world.” by Gloria B. Rodriquez, Ph.D.
Whit’s Knits: Baby Bonnet -The Purl Bee for baby Indigo.

Whit’s Knits: Baby Bonnet -The Purl Bee


Bunny fur moccasin slippers from a dear friend. Vintage.

Bunny fur moccasin slippers from a dear friend. Vintage.


Lily’s Dolly Poncho & Yarn Along

Well, it’s been a month since I last posted. Our family has been supremely busy with our Summer. Sometimes all the “busy” has really been cuddling up and sharing stories but none-the-less still a busy time for us.

I hope you’ve been enjoying your Summer 2012!

I have a belated Yarn Along to share this week:

Lily’s Dolly Poncho. (Mind the glue on this dolly’s face. My oldest made this doll in preschool)

I made a special ordered poncho for some dear friends and there beautiful Daughter. You can view it here on my Ravelry account. The baby doll poncho idea came about from the bits of yarn that were leftover. I also added a locally handspun llama yarn to the mix.  I couldn’t get an exact match on the striping (as I did a natural striping with Lily’s person sized poncho) but it definitely goes along well with it.

This dolly poncho worked out so well that I may be making more.

It’ll be her first birthday gift from our  family. Enjoy, beautiful Mrdalj family!

My book for Yarn Along is The Natural Pregnancy Book by Aviva Jill Romm. Nothing exciting here folks but I am really enjoying her insight and honesty and also her mysticism that comes along with pregnancy. Her book is really speaking to me, and gently. I really need this in my life right now.

Peace, love, and Babies with Baby Doll Ponchos!

Rose Garland

Oboster (brother younger) and I made this Rose Garland with a bit of string and a sewing needle. Very simple and a great craft to make in anticipation of Easter.

Rose GarlandRose Garland

It seems to be thoroughly dried at this point. I haven’t decided yet if I want to glitter it or leave it natural. I’m contemplating if I should leave at the entrance of the kitchen or move it some place else?

Oboster is one of my favourite people to create things with. He is so attentive, he doesn’t rush through things, and when he needs a break he lets me know in a nice way. I love this about him!

Peace, love and roses adorn.